TAKING CARE OF THE PROCESS We are able to take care of the whole of the process researching technical solutions to final delivery.
RAPID RESPONSE We offer our clients a rapid response, in particular throughout the development stage which we complete within six weeks from the original order to the production of the first parts.
EXPERTISE We assist our clients through every step of product life in order to respond to their problem needs in :
  The expression of their precise needs
  The product design
  The research of the best technical solutions
  The study of quality/logistic constraints
  etc ...
TOOL DESIGN We design the tools and confide their production to partners of top class technical rating
PARTNERSHIP Our partnership relations with the major chemical industry groups allow us to offer the optimum material-production-process solutions. With them, we work together on new materials.
CO-EXTRUSION We offer our clients all our know-how in the field of co-extrusion, multi-materials (up to 5 materials simultaneously).
INJECTION We offer you all our injection experience (over-moulding, materials incorporating fibre-glass, carbon fibre etc.). We can utilise, within a single product, the two production techniques (extrusion and injection) in order to realise complete units.
ADAPTABILITY We are specialists in low and medium production series.
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