Extruded plastic sections or co-extruded moulds, of various sizes and colours in all the thermoplastic categories
Experts in co-extrusion, we produce multi-material sections (up to 5 materials simultaneously).

An extended range of tubes is at your disposition, in different materials and dimensions (up to 125).

The section technique is our strength (geometric limitations, functionalities, appearance, etc)
Production of flexible sections (elastomers) and fixation of glue in line + ink jet tracing. Colours at your request, we counter-type the colours you desire following ref RAL.


INNOVATIONS : We work arm-in-arm with the major chemical groups in order to offer our clients the latest breakthroughs on the market :
  Wood-filled thermoplastics (extrusion + injection)
  100 % biodegradable thermoplastics - 100 % breakdown into compost


Experts in the injection of precision parts in small and medium sizes.

We are specialists in the overmoulding of inserts (steel, plastic, magnets´┐Ż)
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